When you’re looking for ways to unwind, few better options beat a massage and a dip into some relaxing waters. In the right setting, it can allow one to drift away from the worries of work, school, home, or anything else that may be weighing down the mind.

Visitors to British Columbia have many opportunities to escape the day-to-day grind. From walks among nature to activities on the water, the opportunities can seem endless. If you’re looking to float into a state of relaxation, there are a few unique spas in British Columbia that you need to add to your itinerary.

Surround Yourself with Nature at the Scandinave Spa

Location: Whistler, BC

Escape from your everyday routine at one of the best nordic spas in Canada. Nestled along the edge of Lost Lake among cedar and spruce forests, the Scandinave Spa in Whistler, BC offers its visitors a peaceful and natural environment. When we say peaceful, we mean it. There’s no guest Wi-Fi, and technology, like smartphones, is not allowed throughout your stay.

Guests can start their experience with a therapeutic massage of their choosing, which automatically grants access to the popular baths. The baths experience is a three-stage process towards renewal. It begins with heat therapy, increasing a guest’s body temperature, dilating blood vessels, reducing blood pressure, and increasing blood flow to the muscles and skin. Up next, prepare for a drastic change of temperature through cold therapy. A cool rinse allows the pores to flush toxins and release endorphins. If you weren’t already relaxed by this point, the last step will make sure of it. Guests can finish their experience by choosing to chill out by the outdoor fireplaces, lying down on a hammock, or in the bright solarium.

Balance Mind, Body & Soul at Harrison Hot Springs

Location: Harrison Hot Springs, BC

Balance mind, body, and soul at one of the best spas in British Columbia — Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa. Enjoy massage treatments under dimly glowing lights, on heated tables, by therapists who tailor care to your wants and needs. Though, the experience doesn’t stop there. The property is home to five hot spring-fed mineral pools, all with differing temperatures. Two are indoor, and three are outdoor, one of which being over 4,000 sq. feet. There’s plenty of space to find your quiet spot to soak in all the benefits. Speaking of benefits, the mineral spring pools offer an abundance of health-related perks. Mineral springs are naturally occurring and produce water that often has therapeutic properties. It can be a natural detoxifier and provide remedies for things like acne and eczema. The heat from the water can also help to alleviate pain, such as that caused by arthritis.

Dip into the Healing Waters at Halcyon Hot Springs

Location: Nakusp, BC

Located on the picturesque Arrow Lake, with views of the towering Monashee Mountains in the distance, Halcyon Hot Springs meshes the elements of nature with soothing treatments. Whether you go for a massage or something a little different, like a dry skin brushing, stimulating the lymphatic system, completing your experience with the hot and warm springs is a must. Located on the upper deck, float through the warm pool’s jetted swim channel, or stand still, gaze out towards the mountains, and allow the pressure jets to give you a relaxing back massage. If you want to cool off, dip into the cold plunge for a change of pace. In the summertime, guests can also jump into the crystal-clear waters of Arrow Lake.

Experience Vancouver Island’s Natural Seaside Elements at the Pacific Mist Hydropath and Spa

Location: Courtenay, BC

The Pacific Mist Hydropath and Spa allows guests to experience the unique natural seaside elements of Vancouver Island in one setting. After taking in service at the spa, guests can make their way around the different parts of the Pacific Mist Hydropath. Providing a wide range of benefits, hydrotherapy can assist with detoxification, remineralization, and relaxation. Some amenity highlights include a mineral massage pool, where jets massage the back from the lumbar region to the shoulders. A steaming waterfall massage relaxes the shoulders and scalp while also releasing healthful, negative ions. Proceed to the steam cave, where you can inhale aromatic steam to soothe the lungs and sweat away toxins. Float your stress away at the sea mineral soak pool. The glacial waterfall will awaken your senses with a rush of cold water. The Pacific Mist Hydropath at the Kingfisher has plenty of options for those looking for spa retreats in BC.

Enter the Cold Chamber with a Cryo Treatment at KurSpa

Location: Vernon, BC

Up to this point, we’ve heard a lot about treatments involving warm waters. KurSpa offers an alternative that is ice cold yet beneficial to overall well-being. Enter the cold chamber and spend three minutes at ‑110°C. It seems incredibly cold, right? Not to worry. It’s a dry cold, which makes it comfortable, even at those incredibly low temperatures. Wearing light clothing throughout the experience, the temperature on the surface of your skin will drop to approximately 5°C. This treatment provides systemic benefits, giving the circulatory and nervous systems a boost during and after the treatment. This wellness practice was developed in Europe and is said to also help with things like inflammation and joint pain. Although benefits are almost immediate, seen during and after just one session, guests are encouraged to return for future visits to see more long-lasting effects.

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