The Midlands is an unfairly overlooked area of the UK. Its cities are vibrant and diverse; the countryside is splendid; and many of the region’s restaurants are to be celebrated. These Michelin-star restaurants, Midlands-style, are as diverse and fantastic as anything you’d find in London. Discover the gastronomic feasts that lie within, and dive into the delicious world of fine dining.

The Stagg Inn ©Grappenhall

The Stagg Inn ©grappenhall

Head to the countryside to find The Stagg Inn

Lying almost on the border with Wales, The Stag Inn is on the outskirts of the tiny village of Titley. It’s a short trip from Ludlow or Hereford, but definitely a culinary pilgrimage worth making. Experience the rustic surroundings of an old public house turned into a gastronomic hub. Imagine the pinnacle of gastropubs, and you’re still slightly short: there’s a certain je ne sais quois which makes this one of the best restaurants in the Midlands.

The Stagg Inn serves robust, locally sourced English classics, all made from scratch in their fantastic kitchen. Dine à la carte on any day of the week except Sundays, when it’s time for a proper Sunday lunch, and enjoy the top-class food at eminently reasonable prices. Especially of note are the luxurious puddings – they cost only £7, giving you the perfect excuse to indulge your sweet teeth.

Jews House ©Rachaelmarian 700X670

Jew’s House ©rachaelmarian

Have a taste of history in Jews House Restaurant

While you’re unlikely to attend any seminars in Titley, there’s a decent chance you’ll find yourself in Lincoln on business. As a small but important city, it’s full of both modern companies and ancient buildings. In fact, many buildings date back as far as the 12th century. Jews House is one of the most famous of these, and it contains a fantastic restaurant behind the quaint façade.

The à la carte menu is modern without being pretentious, and the contemporary tastes provide a brilliant counterpoint to the old surroundings. Award-winning head chef Gavin Aitkenhead ensures every dish is plated beautifully, while the staff are attentive and incredibly knowledgeable. The six-course tasting menu also makes for a perfect evening: travel from the delicate flavours of trout and fennel through to rich roast mallard and truffle foam, before ending with two different sweet delights. Ask your server for their wine recommendations, and experience the perfect unity of food and drink.

Sat Bains Restaurant Michelin Midlands

Sat Bains Restaurant ©charlogriff

Restaurant Sat Bains

Nottingham may not have a reputation for gastronomy, but Restaurant Sat Bains aims to change that. This restaurants boasts two Michelin stars, and from the moment you walk through the door, you know you’re going to experience only the most delectable of dishes. The tasting menu is the star of the show, offering seven- or ten-course options. The food served up is original and ever-changing, reflecting the flavours of the seasons. There’s only room for up to six guests at Sat Bains’ largest table, so it’s ideal for more intimate and low-key gatherings.

No matter where you are in the country, great restaurants aren’t hard to find. Unearth the best restaurants in the Midlands and across the whole of Europe with the Michelin guide app: you’ll never be stuck for dinner plans again.

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