With over 8,000km of groomed trails along vast expanses of untouched wilderness, the province of New Brunswick is one of the most popular destinations for snowmobilers in Eastern Canada. However, the best snowmobiling in New Brunswick can be found to the north in the perilous trail system known as the NB Northern Odyssey. 

Spanning 1,500km from the town of Edmundston on the US border, to Campbellton in the far north, then winding south to the Chaleur Region and Acadian Peninsula, the Northern Odyssey features some of the best NB snowmobile trails out there. 

From quick weekend trips along the coastline to true odysseys in the mountains, here are some of the best northern New Brunswick snowmobile trails on the NB Northern Odyssey. 

The Best NB Snowmobile Trails Around Edmundston 

Located by the borders to both Maine and Quebec, Edmundston is the ideal starting point on the NB Northern Odyssey for out-of-towners. For a fun, full day of riding, visitors can explore the region on the Madawaska Adventure routes, taking Trail 12 up the mountains along crystal clear lakes. More experienced riders can continue on the second part of the route into the area’s rough backcountry. 

Riders starting their journey in Bathurst can take on the Northwest Round Trip for an excellent sightseeing trip along Trail 19 towards Fourteen Mile Lake, to the foot of Sugarloaf Mountain, and finally Mount Carleton, the tallest mountain in the province. 

New Brunswick Snowmobile Trails

Top New Brunswick Snowmobile Trails Around Campbellton

Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains by the Restigouche River, the Campbellton leg of the NB Northern Odyssey has great routes in both highlands and low. Mountain lovers can take on the Sweet Ride Around The Sugarloaf for a full circuit around Sugarloaf Provincial Park, featuring great views of Sugarloaf Mountain itself. Riders can also discover riches along the Restigouche Treasure Trail, enjoying great eats and drinks along the way. 

Chaleur Region Snowmobile Trails

The Best NB Snowmobile Trails in the Chaleur Region

With many fresh, well-maintained trails hugging Chaleur Bay and frequent heavy snowfalls, the Chaleur Region features some of the best New Brunswick snowmobile trails for true enthusiasts. The area is home to the Piston Alley, this popular New Brunswick trail is wide, straight shot where riders can push their machines to the limit as they ride through the hills and valleys. 

Acadian Snowmobile

Snowmobiling in New Brunswick’s Acadian Peninsula

One of the oldest and most beautiful areas in all of Atlantic Canada, the Acadian Peninsula is filled with humble hamlets and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s also home to the serene wilderness of the Acadian Forest, and some of the best NB snowmobile trails run through its wild expanse. 

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