From hand-pinched perogies and cabbage rolls to piping hot beet borscht and smokies (smoked sausages), Baba’s Homestyle Perogies has been serving up traditional Ukrainian food in the heart of Saskatchewan for over three decades. Tucked away in the north industrial area of Saskatoon, just a short drive from the downtown core, the family-owned restaurant keeps Ukrainian culture alive in a province deeply connected with its Eastern European heritage.

At Baba’s Homestyle Perogies, tradition has not left the kitchen. All of the food is handmade with locally produced ingredients — just like any grandmother, or baba,’ would make.

So, if you’re on a hunt for traditional Ukrainian food in Saskatoon, here’s why Baba’s Homestyle Perogies should be on your radar.

Babas Homestyle Perogies Super Combo

Baba’s Homestyle Perogies is Authentic Ukrainian Cuisine

Whether you’re looking for the ultimate comfort food or a taste of Ukrainian culture in Saskatoon, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into at Baba’s Homestyle Perogies.

Tempt your taste buds with a generous serving of cabbage rolls or perogies, and a bowl of borscht. For those having a tough time deciding (or merely have a large appetite), the Super Combo comes with a little bit of everything, including five hand-pinched perogies, two cabbage rolls and one smokie. Baba’s Dinner, on the other hand, is exactly what you would expect to find on your plate if you were at baba’s house: six perogies and two cabbage rolls.

Stuffed with potato and cheddar cheese, Baba’s perogies come topped the traditional way — with real bacon bits, sour cream and fried onions. Add their signature mushroom dill sauce or sauerkraut and you’ll be in heaven.

On Wednesday, drop by for lunch and you can get the classic potato and cheddar perogies fried. In no rush to leave your accommodations? No worries — you can get Baba’s perogies delivered to you within Saskatoon.

Babas Homestyle Perogies Drive Thru

Baba’s Homestyle Perogies is the World’s Only Drive-Thru Perogie Restaurant

It’s no doubt — baba’s perogies make for a convenient and nutritious meal at any time of the day. Ask any Ukrainian and they’ll tell you the traditional potato and cheddar cheese dumplings make for an appetizing breakfast, lunch, dinner — and even a quick snack while on the road.

If you’re in a hurry and need to satisfy your craving for the Ukrainian dumplings, all of the traditional dishes at Baba’s Homestyle Perogies can be bought and consumed without having to leave your vehicle. In fact, Baba’s Homestyle Perogies boasts what may be the only drive-thru perogie window in the world.

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Baba’s Homestyle Perogies Keeps It Traditional

Saskatchewan is deeply enriched by its ties with the Eastern European country, so it’s no surprise the province produces some seriously delicious perogies. When Ukrainian immigration to Canada first began, the vast majority settled in the Canadian Prairies, bringing their cuisine and culture with them. To this day, Saskatoon is home to the country’s largest percentage of Ukrainian-Canadians per capita within a major city.

And Baba’s Homestyle Perogies continues to keep the Eastern European traditions alive. The largely Ukrainian kitchen staff makes upwards of 3,000 cabbage rolls and 9,000 perogies every day. The recipes have been passed down for generations, meaning the ones used at Baba’s aren’t that different from the ones used by any Ukrainian baba in her own kitchen.

Babas Homestyle Perogies Drive Thru 2

Whether you call it perogy, pierogi, pyrohy or varenyky, one thing everyone can agree on is there’s nothing quite like those hand-pinched by baba.

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