Located just 15 minutes from downtown Quebec City, Montmorency Falls is Quebec’s answer to Niagara Falls. This stunning waterfall stands a full 84 metres in height, 30 meters taller than Horseshoe Falls, and is among the province’s most beloved hidden gems. 

From traversing the Montmorency Falls zipline to hikes along the vigorous trails surrounding the basin, here’s what you need to know before visiting Montmorency Falls in Quebec. 

Montmorency Falls Facts

Parc de la chute Montmorency are an area with great historical significance for the province. Discovered by New France founder Samuel de Champlain himself, he named them the Montmorency Falls in 1613 after the then-Viceroy of New France, Henri II de Montmorency. They were also a key battleground during the British Invasion of Quebec in 1759, and several defences survive to this day. 

Many casualties were sustained in the bloody battle between French and English forces on July 31st, 1759, including a young French soldier whose fiancé who in her grief supposedly jumped from the top of the falls. Some believe she haunts the area still, as the dreaded White Lady.” 

In more modern times, the Montmorency Falls remain a popular shooting destination for Canadian film and television productions. The falls even appeared in the fifth season finale of the Amazing Race Canada, in which contestants had to traverse the length of the chasm over a cargo net. 

Manoir Montmorency

Built overlooking the falls, Manoir Montmorency features a gorgeous terrace and public gardens as well as a gourmet restaurant and a snack bar. In addition to its elegant gardens filled with award-winning tulips, the grounds also feature four beehives whose sweet, natural bounty is available for purchase. 

Originally built as a summer villa for the British Governor Frederick Haldimand in 1781, Manoir Montmorency was later rented by the Edward Augustus, the Duke of Kent in 1790s as a love nest for himself and his mistress, the Madame de Saint-Laurent. 

A century later, the manor would be reborn as the luxury Kent House Hotel in 1901, featuring public gardens, a carousel and a skating rink. Bought by the Quebec government in 1975, it was made part of Montmorency Falls Park however, the original structure burned down after renovations in 1993. The current building is a loving recreation of the original structure, featuring artifacts from throughout its history as well as meeting spaces for conferences and weddings. 

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Image courtesy of Julie Audet, Sépaq

Montmorency Falls Hike Excursions 

There are several trails to explore for a Montmorency Falls hike any time of year. For instance, one of the most popular Montmorency Falls hike trails is the Panoramic Circuit. Stretching from the foot of the falls to the summit, the circuit will take visitors to the best spots to see views of the waterfalls. 

Running along the side of the falls, the Cliffside Boardwalk offers stunning panoramas of the falls and the St. Lawrence River below. Meanwhile, the Cottage Trail is a peaceful alternative that offers casual strolls along the manicured grounds of Manoir Montmorency, including the gardens and beehives. 

The Résurgences Trail east of the suspension bridge runs along the Montmorency River and is great for enjoying calm summer days in nature. The July 31st Trail features solemn nature, but also traces the path of the bloody battle fought along the falls on the date it’s named for. 

The Montmorency Falls hike website offers more information on paths and trail conditions throughout the year. 

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Image courtesy of Paul Dussault, Sépaq

The Montmorency Falls Zipline, Cable Car, and Ferrata

The 300-metre-long Montmorency Falls zipline stretches across the full width of the falls, sending riders careening over the dizzying heights towards the observation deck. Want a bird’s eye view without braving the Montmorency Falls zipline? Enjoy the spectacular view of the falls and river below from the comfort of a cable car ride, available in both summer and winter. 

For a truly vigorous excursion, the Montmorency Falls also feature three Ferrata Circuits. These safe climbing routes feature a permanent cable hook up and rungs running alongside the cliffside. As well, expert guides are on hand to ferry Riders along the majestic Route. 

How to Get to Montmorency Falls from Quebec City

Wondering how to get to Montmorency Falls from Quebec City? By car, simply head eastbound on Autoroute 440 until you reach Exit 325. From there, follow Boulevard Sainte-Anne and turn right one Côte Saint Grégoire which turns into Boulevard des Chutes and finally turn right on Chemin du Manoir to reach Montmorency Falls. To get there with public transport, RTC bus route 800 Beauport East will also take you right from downtown Quebec City to Montmorency Falls. 

Always follow Canada and local health authority COVID-19 guidelines for travelling or visiting attractions. Learn more about current restrictions and travelling within Canada.

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