This guide is for anyone looking to try some great food from Edinburgh’s many restaurants, bakeries and vendors without limiting themselves to only a few places. The food markets in the city offer an incredible selection of different foods and drinks from a variety of excellent eateries, so you should definitely go market-hopping when visiting Edinburgh.

Let the eating commence!

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The Pitt. All photos by the author.

The Pitt

I’ll start with my favourite market: The Pitt. This is the kind of place you would drop by for a quick snack but end up staying for hours, if not the whole day. The Pitt boasts a vast array of top-notch food vendors that change weekly, have live music, is home to a bunch of friendly dogs and, best of all, fire pits! The fire pits are great for cold winter days when you need to keep warm and toasty. They will make you smell like a campfire for weeks but it’s worth it.

The Pitt Food

A great mix of people visit The Pitt, including families with small kids, couples or groups of friends looking for a way to spend a nice afternoon – everyone is welcome!

Find them at 125 Pitt Street, EH6 4DE
Opening hours: Saturdays, noon – 10 pm
More info: https://​www​.thep​itt​.co​.uk/

Stockbridge Market 3

Stockbridge Market

The Stockbridge Market is probably the most popular market in town, especially amongst locals. This market is chock-full of different stalls offering all kinds of food and treats to passers-by.
My favourite food stall, Harakuja’s Kitchen, sells amazingly fresh and delicious gyozas, which might be why I see hungry locals happily standing in line here whenever I swing by! While you wait, check out the group of cute pooches waiting on luxury dog treats at the nearby Bark & Hare.

Stockbridge Market Gyozas

Delicious gyozas from Harakuja’s Kitchen.

The market’s located in the heart of beautiful Stockbridge, so you might as well drop by while exploring that part of town.

Find them at Saunders Street EH3 6TQ
Opening hours: Sundays, 10 am – 5 pm
More info: http://​www​.stock​bridge​mar​ket​.com/

Foodandflea 3

The Food & Flea Market

Despite this market only being a few years old, it has already become one of the more popular spots in town. The Food & Flea Market is located right off the Royal Mile, so it makes for a great ending to a day of sightseeing. Most of the stalls here are permanent ones, with just a few temporary tables popping up every week. They also reinvent themselves a few times a year and throw special events. During the Fringe Festival, for instance, it transformed into a cocktail market. The space is very well laid-out and you’ll never feel crowded, meaning this is a great place to visit with large groups of friends and family.

Find them at New Street EH8 8FT
Opening hours: Every Saturday and Sunday 11 am – 6 pm
More info: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​f​o​o​d​n​f​l​e​a​m​a​rket/

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Off the Walk 

Off the Walk is located in Leith and constitutes the newest addition to the food market scene in Edinburgh. In fact, many people don’t even know this little gem exists! The market has a few different food stalls, live piano and different art exhibitions every weekend.

The space is really well decorated too – it has a bit of a seaside feel to it and their furniture is made out of old doors. Go figure. The market also sports heaters for those chilly winter days.

Find them at 28 Dalmeny Street EH6 8RG
Opening hours: Saturdays, noon – 9 pm, Sundays 2 pm – 9 pm
More info: https://​www​.face​book​.com/​o​f​f​t​h​e​walk/


Grassmarket Market

This small market is a great stop-off point while exploring the main sights in Edinburgh. It’s located in the old Grassmarket, which is very close to Victoria Street and the castle. Here you may fill up on sweet treats (like delicious macarons) or stay warm with hearty soup. Beyond food, the market is home to many stalls selling products from local artists.

Find them at 39 Grassmarket EH1 2HS
Opening hours: Saturdays, 10 am – 5 pm
More info: https://​www​.greater​grass​mar​ket​.co​.uk/​m​y​-​g​r​e​a​t​e​r​-​g​r​a​s​s​m​a​r​k​e​t​/​w​e​e​k​l​y​-​f​a​r​m​e​r​s​-​m​arket