Switzerland’s Hidden Baroque City

A walled medieval town on the banks of the river Aare, Solothurn is nestled at the foot of the Weissenstein Jura mountains. Standing out from the typical images of Swiss destinations, Solothurn is a lesser-known multicultural centre full of surprises hidden from the crowds. The main draw of Solothurn is its picturesque, pedestrian-only Old Town — a wonderful mix of French, German, Italian and Swiss styles with an impressive array of Baroque architecture, gorgeous cobbled streets and eighteen heritage sites in the centre alone. 

The proximity of the Jura mountains makes walking, hiking and skiing a huge attraction for this charming little town, but Solothurn itself has loads to offer as well. Walking through the medieval gates to the city presents you with a parade of thriving shops, such as the independent jewellers, Hauri Schmuck. As you explore Solothurn’s winding streets you’ll also encounter delightful Swiss cafes and a host of excellent restaurants showcasing the varied cultural traditions of this very European place — Zum Alten Stephan’s veal Cordon Bleu deserves a special mention here.

Head to Solothurn if you want to explore the finest Baroque city in Switzerland, discover stunning mountain scenery, or get to grips with the unique cultural combinations that make this sleepy Swiss town so special.

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