An Untrodden Beauty

A large but relatively untrodden region of north-west Germany, Westphalia is a beauty filled with charming cities, small towns, stunning architecture and plenty of history waiting to be uncovered, making it the ideal destination for travellers who want to get off the beaten track, away from the more touristy places that Germany is known for. 

To make the most of your time in Westphalia, base yourself in a town like Lippstadt or Bielefeld, and do day trips into other parts of the region — though you could just as easily spend a few days exploring either of these towns without getting bored. Nature lovers will be thrilled with the outdoor options on offer in the area — Teutoburg Forest is a beautiful wooded area with low rolling hills and plenty of hiking opportunities, to name just one. On the outskirts of the forest, where it meets Bielefeld, you’ll find a huge free-range zoo with plenty of walking trails that makes for a great day out.

Come nightfall, both Bielefeld and Lippstadt have great dining and nightlife options, and you’ll be tempted to go out no matter how tired you might be! Be sure to sample a selection of traditional German food at Hülsemanns Schänke, and don’t forget to wash it down with some local beers. No matter how you choose to spend your days and nights, Westphalia will give you a set of experiences you’d be hard pushed to find anywhere else in the world. 

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