Authentic Small-Town Germany in Driving Distance of Cologne

Located halfway between Cologne and Düsseldorf, the small town of Monheim am Rhein exudes traditional, German charm. Relics of the town’s 800-year history can be found throughout Monheim am Rhein in the form of medieval castles, towers and more. Visitors looking for a more active holiday are in luck too, as there are several idyllic walking and biking routes available near the Haus Bürgel bio-station.

The local dining scene offers both regional cuisine served in quaint settings as well as top-shelf culinary experiences. After sampling the local delicacies, you should feel free to grab your dancing shoes and head to the nearest disco or don your brewer’s cap and try your hand at making – and tasting – traditional, German beer. In short, if you ever find yourself near Düsseldorf or Cologne, do yourself a favour and seek out Monheim am Rhein for a truly local experience.

Things to do in Monheim am Rhein

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