A Baroque Gem Buzzing With Life

Heidelberg’s offering of attractions large and small are among the most diverse in Germany. This university town is home to both a beautiful Old Town packed with historic architecture and a vibrant restaurant and bar scene courtesy of its sizeable student population. For centuries, the romantic qualities of this fairytale town on the Neckar River have captivated both visitors and legendary artists alike. It only takes a single visit to understand the appeal.

Spend your visit strolling through the winding streets of the Old Town district or lose yourself in the sprawling Heidelberg Castle which dates back to the Middle Ages. Don’t miss out on the picturesque Philosopher’s Walk either. Named for its popularity among the professors and avant-garde thinkers of years past, this lovely trail will afford you wonderful views of the town and a breath of fresh air. And with Heidelberg being located in one of Germany’s warmest regions, chances are the weather will be perfect for a nice ramble!

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