A Culture Scene Extraordinaire

Hannover often flies a little under the radar when it comes to German tourist destinations, and certainly lacks the recognition of its Hanse neighbours, Hamburg and Bremen. Despite its long, rich history, it does not have the look and feel of many, more typical Northern European cities, with most of its centuries-old architecture damaged or destroyed during the Second World War. But look a little closer, and uncover the hidden gems. Despite the surface damage, the city’s cultural scene is extraordinary, boasting some of Germany’s most impressive and most interesting museums and galleries, such as the Sprengel or the Lower Saxony State Museum. Its rich history is best reflected in the glorious baroque Herrenhausen Gardens, and the city is full of wonderful parks, gardens, and green spaces, as well as the beautiful man-made Maschsee, and the Eilenriede, Europe’s largest urban forest. 

What’s more, Hannover has a tremendous theatre and live music scene, as well as some truly excellent arts and cultural happenings. Since hosting the World Expo in 2000, the city has developed a reputation as a hub for exhibitions, events and festivals, and the twin pillars of CeBit and Hannover Messe in April and June attract more than 200,000 visitors each, giving the city an extraordinary buzz.

All this makes Hannover a charming, lively and exuberant place to visit. A trip here takes you beyond the traditional European destinations, and introduces you to a different, yet no less attractive example of German history, culture and lifestyle.

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