Where Creativity Runs Wild

The bastion of creativity on the Loire River, Nantes, should figure prominently on the bucket list of anyone still young at heart. Centuries of changing economic circumstances have shaped Nantes into an agile, forward-thinking city, that values creative expression more than most. The sublime Musée D’Arts de Nantes is well-worth a visit, but the town is perhaps most famous for its giant, mechanical contraptions that regularly walk the streets. Inspired by the works of Nantes-born sci-fi writer Jules Verne, Les Machines de l’Île houses an impressive menagerie of robotic beasts, including a towering, mechanised elephant which goes for a stroll several times a week!

The local cuisine is comprised mainly of deeply satisfying peasant food. Hearty and rustic dishes are doled out at charming, traditional establishments all over town and should be enjoyed with a glass of white Muscadet wine from south of the Loire. Speaking of which – do try the regional speciality of freshly caught fish in beurre blanc sauce! You won’t regret it.

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