Home of the Original Budweiser beer

The capital city of South Bohemia, České Budějovice is a charming and tranquil destination hidden off the traditional tourist trail. Located just a two-hour train ride from popular Prague, escape the hustle and bustle to explore the home of Czechia’s much loved export: the original Budweiser beer.

Even though the city looks laid-back, there’s still plenty to do and see. České Budějovice’s main square is one of the largest in Europe, surrounded by colourful gingerbread-esque houses and presided over by the intricate Baroque facade of the City Hall building. Explore the winding streets and alleyways on foot to discover interesting local boutiques, small beer houses, and unassuming hip cafes.

A trip to České Budějovice is not complete without a visit to the well known Budvar brewery that brings in tourists from all over the world to tour the site and try the famous beer directly from its source. The city is also well-located for day trips out into the forest or to the nearby fairytale town of Cesky Krumlov. In summer, the city comes alive with music and cultural festivals, while December sees it getting a festive makeover when the Christmas markets come to town. Year-round, the restaurants serve delicious traditional Czech food, and the bars and beer houses always deliver a fun night out.

If you’re in the Czech Republic, it’s well worth spending a night or two discovering the charms of this small city, strolling by the canal and experiencing the local way of life. 

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