KK Land

KK is one of those rare, true cosmopolitans. Case and point: she has spent most of her life bouncing around between Sweden, the US, Estonia and Scotland. KK is now based in Edinburgh, where her ever-present sense of wanderlust compels her to chronicle the very best in attractions, food, lifestyle and everything in between. Lucky us.

Travel Guides by KK Land

Your Definitive Shopping Guide to Lyon

Lyon might be best known for its mouth-watering culinary scene, but I’d venture that the shopping here is equally outstanding. In fact, I find Lyon to be one of those rare cities that rivals even Paris in terms of shopping. Here’s why. Lyon is the perfect size for pedestrian shoppers while still featuring an eclectic… Read more

The Heather

This guide is for anyone looking to try some great food from Edinburgh’s many restaurants, bakeries and vendors without limiting themselves to only a few places. The food markets in the city offer an incredible selection of different foods and drinks from a variety of excellent eateries, so you should definitely go market-hopping when visiting… Read more

The Independent Shopping Guide to Edinburgh

If you’re anything like me, one of the first things you’ll do when you get to a new city is figuring out where the best shopping options are. It’s nice to bring back a gift for a loved one, take home a souvenir or just browse a few shops to see what exciting things are… Read more

The Ultimate Coffee Guide to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a great city for so many different reasons: the history, the sights, the friendly people, the shopping, the fact that we have a volcano to hike up on. I could go on and on. But did you also know that Edinburgh has an amazing coffee scene? I could list about 20 different coffee shops off… Read more